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Have you accidentally cracked your ceramic floor or wall tiles? It’s easily done, and your first thought might be that you’ll need to replace the tile completely. This can be troublesome if you don’t have spares and can’t find available matches. We can repair your ceramic tiles to restore them to their former glory!

Below is a before and after photo of a ceramic tile repaired after new windows were installed and the tile was cracked in the process. The tiles are discontinued so couldn’t be replaced without changing all of them but we repaired the tile to its original cosmetic look. Problem solved for the client!

Holes, chips and cracks in ceramic tiles aren’t just unsightly. They can also pose a health risk. If your tiles require some T.L.C, we offer many different repair techniques. Through careful matching, you might not even be able to tell a repair has even been made!

Types of Repairs We Can Make

Broken Floor Tiles. Trying to find a replacement tile can not only be time-consuming, it’s sometimes expensive as well. Rather than replacing the damaged tile, you could repair it instead, usually for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Holes in Tiles. Another common reason why people may consider replacing a tile is if it has a hole in it. The problem here is that sometimes, replacement tiles aren’t available, especially if they are old. In this situation, your only option would be to repair the tile. This would involve filling and colour matching the tile. You probably won’t even be able to see evidence of a repair.

Damaged Window Sill Tiles. It doesn’t matter which type of finish or colour your window sill is composed of. We can match it perfectly. The tile doesn’t even need to be in perfect condition. We can rebuild tiles, even if they have pieces missing.

Picture Tile Restoration. If you’re intricately designed tile is damaged, you might believe the only option is to remove and replace it entirely. This is not always necessary. We can correctly colour match existing designs and replicate specific patterns or grains. If the design is heavily damaged, we may even be able to restore it.

Access Hole Repair. Suppose plumbing in your room has been re-arranged, or tiles have been damaged while trying to discover a leak. In that case, our team can fill and finish them, so they look like they were never there.

Chipped Tiles. Often, tiles become damaged when fixings are attached to them too tightly, causing them to chip. Thankfully, costly tile replacement isn’t necessary, as the existing finish can be replicated, matching the colour and pattern precisely.

Cracked Tiles. One of the most common reasons why someone might consider a replacement tile is when it’s cracked. They can be unsightly and bring down the appearance of your room. However, there’s no need to fork out on expensive replacements. Allow us to expertly fill and finish the crack so that you’d never tell it existed.

On-Site Repair. All our repairs are done on-site, rather than removing the existing tile and taking it away to a workshop. For our customers, this means less disruption, and the ability to resume regular service as soon as possible.

Antique Tiles. Tiles which have been around for a long time within a building naturally become damaged or no longer look their best, in time. Yet, not everyone wants to remove them as in most cases, they add character to a building. Save money, and restore your unique antique tiles rather than replace them.

How we Repair Tiles

Once you’ve provided us with some information about your damaged tiles, we inspect them and give a quote, which is entirely free. If you decide to go ahead, contact us with a date and time convenient to you, making sure to give us at least 48 hours notice. The night before the repair, we’ll send details of who will be attending. After reviewing the damage, we get to work by hand mixing the colour and carefully re-creating the tile texture. Repairs are protected by a 12-month guarantee as well.


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