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We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and often put our worktops through the wringer by
dropping items that could scuff, scratch or even chip them. All the stains and imperfections
could leave your once beloved kitchen looking a little weathered and this is where one of our
repair heroes can save the day.

Here at We Restore Surfaces, we do what it says on the tin by repairing chips, dents and
scratches to your kitchen worktops. With our expertise, we’re able to work with almost every
material including laminate, wood and more. Our years of experience in the industry has
allowed us to develop tricks for fixing surface imperfections, ensuring you’ll be amazed with the
results every single time.

Sometimes, if we damage parts of our kitchen worktops, panic mode sets in. We might think the damage is beyond repair and requires expensive replacement. In most cases, this isn’t true. Our team of expert finishers can repair many different types of worktops. It doesn’t matter what kind of damage it is. Whether a small scratch or crack or a more severe stain or burn, we fix it all. After we’ve completed the repair, you probably won’t even realise the damage ever existed!

Wooden Worktop Restoration

No matter how careful you are, wooden worktops can be prone to scratches, burns, cracks and water damage with prolonged use. You might think such damage is beyond repair, and that splashing out on new worktops is the only option. Actually, all types of damage can be restored on wooden worktops. Our team of specialist finishers, trained in worktop scratch repair, can have them looking good as new in no time. Every month, thousands of customers save money by having their existing worktops repaired rather than replaced. All the latest materials and techniques are used to re-create the worktops finish flawlessly. Whether your worktop is made from bamboo, oak or walnut, we are probably able to repair it.  

Veneer and Laminate Worktop Repairs

Replacing laminate worktops can be costly. Thankfully, we have a large team of finishers who are experienced in repairing scratches, cracks, burns and stains, returning your worktop to its former glory. Once our finishers have surveyed the damage, they then get to work. The damaged area is re-profiled and built up using things like specialist compounds and fillers. The exact colour of the worktop is then mixed by hand, and the pattern and texture are also re-created.

Granite and Marble Worktop Repairs

As well as being quite prominent, damaged marble and granite worktops are also unsightly and can be expensive to replace. Luckily, damaged stone worktops don’t always need replacing. They can be repaired by one of our expert finishers. The result? The surface looks as good as new. Finishers mix colours by hand, so regardless of how intricate the pattern is, it will blend in perfectly. Cracks, chips, stains and scratches can all be repaired on marble or granite worktops. 

Composite and Corian Worktop Repairs

You might think that damage to a composite worktop like maia, silestone or corian is irreparable. This isn’t actually true. Our team of expert finishers can fix such damage, and you certainly won’t need replacement worktops. All the damage can be refinished and restored, resulting in worktops that look as good as the day they were installed. Our experts will accurately match the colour, then replicate textures and patterns, which blend perfectly with the existing surface. Save yourself a lot of money and repair rather than replace.

How we Work

  1. Contact us for a 100% free estimate, letting us know some necessary details about your damaged worktop. We will then send you an estimate. If you decide to accept, you won’t be charged for the callout.
  2. You then choose a suitable appointment time. It’s no problem if you need to change it, but please let us know within 48-hours.
  3. The night before the work is due to take place, we will provide all the details for the appointment, including who will be attending. We even let you know when we’re on our way!
  4. When our tradesperson arrives, they will assess the damage, then hand mix the colour, and replicate the texture of the surface. 
  5. You’ll be provided with a full guarantee once the work is complete with the peace of mind that if any problems occur within 12 months, we will fix them.


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