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Any problem in your household radiator can be menacing if you live in a cold climate. Finding a trustable repairing professional in your locality can be troublesome.

Besides damages, chips and spots on the surface can be aesthetically unpleasant. We have been providing radiator repair in the Brighton area for years. And we would like to offer you our services.

Remove Scratches

Stainless steel radiators are better than enamel radiators, both in terms of longevity and performance. They last longer than enamel radiators and stay warm even after turning off thanks to their excellent thermal conductivity.

So naturally, they are more expensive. However, the investment is worth it if you can take good care of it. The stainless-steel surface is prone to scratching. While the problem is not the same as enamel radiators, we are equally competent even if your radiator is made of stainless steel.

Gentle but adept polishing can remove the scratches from the surface of your stainless-steel radiator. Coarse sandpaper is essential for removing scratches while fine sandpaper can restore shininess. Our expert handymen are well aware of what can make the radiator look good again.

Disregarding problems in your radiator can result in costly repairs in the future. If you need radiator repair in Brighton, then get a free estimate now.

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How We Can Make Your Radiator As Good As New

If you are looking for radiator repair in Brighton, we are your best bet. We will check and diagnose every bit of anomaly in your radiators and try our fullest to make it like new again, both from a functional and aesthetical perspective. Here’s how we can help.

Restore Enamel Finish

Most manufacturers use enamel paints for their radiators. Specially formulated enamel paints give the radiator a heat resistant finish. It also prevents yellowing of the radiator and catching rust. Thus, giving the machine a longer lifespan.

Enamel paints are prone to chipping which is not necessarily a big deal, but it impacts the look of the radiator. Also, the chipped enamel can expand, resulting in further damage to the surface and deteriorating thermal performance.

We specialize in removing chippings from the enamel surface. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest technology combined with their expertise to restore the damage to its original state.

Functional Damage

Enamel chipping and scratches on stainless steel surfaces are a purely aesthetic concern. Even if you don’t repair that, things won’t be that much different. But functional damage of the radiator is urgent and requires rapid attendance.

Insufficient heat production is the chief problem the radiator can throw at you. This can be the result of a clogged pump, blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. A radiator leak is another problem that might seem an easy DIY fix, but not really. If you are not aware of the leak location and what’s causing the leak, you better call professionals.

And that’s where we come in. Our experts can masterfully assess the situation to determine the location and extent of the damage. Finally, we will give you our expert opinion on whether the damaged part is repairable or needs to be completely changed.


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